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Explosives Detection Dogs Elite K9 Pro

Explosives and mine Detection Dogs

We have dogs and explosives detection teams. The use of dogs has many advantages, allows to work efficiently. Detection is done on vehicles, luggage, stadiums, buildings, sensitive areas, as well as on people in motion. Our dogs are trained to recognize explosives (substances, detonators) when the dog feels an odor on which it is impregnated, it adopts a passive marking. Our teams are trained according to the most precise standards of dog training.

Anti-personnel mines and the remains of explosive devices are devices that remain dangerous at the end of a conflict. We have the resources to detect these devices by considerably reducing the risk of incidents.

Patrol dogs

In a world where the security situation is increasingly harmful and the threats almost permanent, the use of dogs has proved to be an effective aid to governments and private security companies. ELITE K9 pro provides trained dogs in the most complex situations. For the most part, Belgian or Dutch-born Belgian shepherds are trained on a global program and redirected according to the expectations of the customers. Patrol dogs are able to secure an area while intervention dogs assist gold operations or highly risky assaults.

Anti-poaching dogs

We train dogs to detect ivory, rhinoceros horns, and other species at the request of the customers.

Narcotics detection dogs: we can train and provide dogs or teams for Narcotics detections.

Consultation and Training

Skills building are performance indicators for successful companies. We offer training and advice to the extent of the client to allow it to be current and to the K9 standards in force.

With more than 60 years’ experience, we know how to assess and understand the needs for our customers. Governments, NGOs and private companies will be able to show you our professionalism and our enthusiasm on the various missions entrusted to us. Over the past 17 years, we have successfully carried out our various missions of detecting explosives, site security mines and training of governmental and non-governmental services.

We also trained several pairs that joined the dog handlers for missions of the United Nations, for presidential guard of governments.

We have a limited number of places for the training of dog handlers   but we can on request deploy technicians for the training of our clients.

We can supply dogs corresponding to IMAS standards

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