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We are a company specialized in the supply of solutions relating to professional dog training and the diverse services that it follows

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About Elite K9 Pro

Who are we?

ELITE K9 PRO is the first company in the Central Africa sub region specializing in the training and supply of professional dog and handlers meeting the internationals standards.

How do we work?

ELITE K9 PRO is the specialized division of Regal dogs (www.regalK9.co.za). We work with qualified international specialized instructors.

What we do?

ELITE K9 PRO can provide dogs or teams


Arnaud NONO is, and Senior EDD Handler and K9 Instructor specialized in detection. Passionate by dogs and a self-taught instructor since childhood, his conviction that

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| arnaud.nono@elitek9pro.com
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We can supply dogs corresponding to IMAS standards

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